Ang Dating Daan Scandal

Brother Eli Soriano is one of the popular TV evangelist in the Philippines. He is known to his intelligence in the Bible especially when answering the questions raised by his visitors. He is the founder of the a religious group currently called the Church of God International which is known as the Ang Dating Daan.

Ang Dating Daan is actually a TV show of Brother Eli Soriano.

Brother Eli Soriano is currently hiding in other country where there is no diplomatic relation with the Philippines. He is wanted by the Philippine authorities and by the InterPol through the rape case filed against him by his former minister certain Veridiano. Brother Soriano allegedly raped Mr. Veridiano several times when he is still a minister of the church of Soriano.

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Iglesia Ni Cristo Scandal

The bloc voting of the Iglesia Ni Cristo was considered by many of its detractors as the scandal engaged by the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Many accused the church that its bloc voting was used by them to gain support from politicians like giving them cash in exchange of the votes of its members. And according to them, it is the reason why the Iglesia Ni Cristo successfully built beautiful and expensive churches or house of worships.

In order for me to write about it, I really studied the doctrine of the Iglesia Ni Cristo about bloc voting and do some research and investigation whether it is used by the church in gaining financial support from politicians.

First, I learned that the Iglesia Ni Cristo vote as one. The decision of its leader is the decision of all members. This is in accordance to the teaching in the Bible that the church and Christ are one new man in front of God. The church is the body of Christ and Christ is the head of it. However, the church is composed of its members as parts of the body. These members act according to the command of one head who is Christ. All of its members are advised to be united in all things, including in judgment. And voting during the election is one of the ways where in the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo should be united in judgment.

Those who don’t understand the feelings of the members of the church thought that its members are deprived of its freedom. However, for the members of the church, becoming united with the church even in election is not a deprivation of their freedom but its the way they perform their freedom. They don’t consider it as if they were forced to vote as one because for them, it is good to vote one with the church. They are happy doing this.

Second: Politicians who seek the support of the church are instructed to report the member of the church who asked favor from them. They are told by the church administration that their support on the election doesn’t have anything in exchange. However, the church administration is careful in choosing among them because they don’t want the church to vote those candidates who hate the Iglesia Ni Cristo and those who do not support the freedom of religion and the separation of the church and estate.

Third: I knew of member of the church who received money from the politicians but those people were already expelled from the church. In other words, the church is really strict regarding to receiving favor from politicians who seek the support of the church.

In other words, bloc voting of the Iglesia Ni Cristo is not really a scandal or scam.

Read also a blogpost written by its member: “People are unfair to the Iglesia Ni Cristo“.

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Willie Revillame’s Wil Call You

I was watching tv last night when the phone rang. As usual, I hang up the phone.

Actually, I really don’t answer a call from someone not in my phonebook. I already told my friends that if they will call me using another phone number, they need to send me SMS first to let me know. I devised this method because I was a victim of a phone call before.

I thought that this method is good and will really protect me from the harm caused by scammers. And I know that it is true. However, there is advantage of this too. I only realized it today.

What about if someone is calling me in emergency and the call is legit? Well, that’s really the problem.

Last night, it was actually Willie Revillame who called me. When the phone rang, I was watching the Wil Time Big Time show at the TV5. But I was not thinking that it’s my number Willie had called because in our TV, Willie Revillame was still talking about his sponsors. I only realized that it was him who called me when it was shown Willie Revillame  waiting for the phone owner to answer. Willie was disappointed when the call was aborted by the one being called. Willie instructed his staff to call that number again, but then the owner would just hang up. Until Willie decided to call another number.

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How To Identify a Scam Message

Scammers usually use email and cellphones in fishing for the people they can victimize with. And those who are becoming victim of the scammers are those who are unsuspecting users who received those messages from scammers. These users are not suspecting the messages because they do not have knowledge on how to detect and identify the message who is coming from the scammers.

I have view tips here on the signs of the message that came from scammers. They are:

1.) You will be told that you won a raffle that you did not participated.

2.) You will be told that they have give for you.

3.) They will ask your identity and more personal information of you.

4.) In getting the prize they told you, you will be asked to pay an amount. You will be told that the payment is for the tax and other expenses.

5.) You will be told to give them phone credit load.

If you received a message containing the message I mentioned above, then I am 99 percent sure the message came from scammers.

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Pinay Scandal Campaign

I read today a call to join the so called Pinay Scandal campaign.

This campaign is actually about SEO. But the purpose of it is to clean up the search engine result pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing and others from the existence of the real porrny websites who are selling or promoting video or photo of Filipina women performing the thing that should be done by couple in private place. Bloggers are urged to create a blogpost about Filipina or Pinay and publish the article into the blogs. Then try to SEO the blogpost so that it will rank up on the first page of the search result by the search engines.

However, the blogpost should be clean from any mature talks. You can talk about SEO, making money online, Filipina traits, and other things related to Filipino women which will bring positive impact to them and to the Philippines.

Visit SELaplana’s blogpost, Pinay Scandal, Celebrity Scandal for the example post.

By the way, according to that blogpost, the campaign was actually started by certain Macuha in 2007 or 2008. I just don’t know the current update, but I think, it’s time to start this post. I am still a beginner in blogging so, by following these people, I will learn a lot not only in blogging but also in SEO.

So, now, I already have this blogpost. My problem is how can I make this blogpost to top in the SERP? Well, that’s my next assignment after posting this. Things are easy to learn if you will strive hard to learn. The secret is working hard. After all, God promised that He will give everything to us but we should do what we need to do.

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Philippine Police in Ransom Scandal

5 Manila policemen are now charged of estafa, qualified theft, and obstruction of justice. They are involved in the the ransom scandal who are suspected of being pocketed at least 10 million Philippine Pesos.

These policemen arrested the kidnappers of a Malaysian national Eric Sim Chin. The kidnappers asked 16.3 million Pesos which the victim give to the kidnappers. However, during the arresting process, only 4.4 million Pesos were recovered and the remaining money is missing.

The leader of the kidnapper, Marlon Lopera however told authorities that the missing money is taken by the 5 policemen.

The accusation of the kidnappers seems right because the 5 policemen took so long in returning the ransom money. The policemen however denied the accusation.

But the Manila Mayor, Alfredo Lim, ordered that the 5 policemen will undergo lie detector test to see if they are telling the truth.

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